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The Hobbit’s Journey to the World Agility Open

“This Dream Chose Me”

The Happy Thoughts Agility crew has arrived and settled into our hotel in England!  It was a heck of a trip!  Seven hour flight followed immediately by a seven hour drive from Paris to England was intense.  David and I weren’t able to sleep much in our travels, so needless to say we were wiped!

Esme and Bilbo exceeded our expectations, though.  They were perfect angels for 99% of the flight.  The only issue we had was with Esme in the decent when her ears were popping and she got a bit air sick.  I was so proud of my kids!  Esme did way better than the two other babies and toddler that were in our area of the plane.  Bilbo sat quietly in his carrier the entire flight and didn’t have any accidents.  They both rocked our lengthy car ride, too.  Once we arrived at the hotel, we all passed out!


This is what Esme thought of Paris (haha!)  I swear we didn’t pose her fingers!:


We had our first team practice in England.  Bilbo was on FIRE!  He was so ready to have fun and helped melt away all my WAO jitters.

The World Agility Open will be live streaming at the following link:


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3 Responses so far.

  1. melatfiftysomething says:

    Way to go you guys. Rooting for you from NW Indiana!!! You are amazing.

  2. Grammy says:

    So happy to hear how well the flight and drive went. So proud of you all. Run fast run clean. ❤?????

  3. Robbie Sprn says:

    that is rocking… wow…. nice job….
    Do you know your schedule yet??