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Small Dog EO Development Camp



-Franz Kafka


Bilbo & I had the chance to go on an amazing adventure to the EO development camp at Canine Sports Zone in Madison, WI.  It was a long drive, but compared to our drive to Reno… it was a piece of cake!  My excitement & nerves on the entire drive up made the 15hr drive seem like a 50hr drive.  We arrived at the hotel late the night before camp, to find out that there had been a mix up in our reservation.  The hotel had made the reservation from that Monday to Friday, when we’d asked for Friday through Monday.  After a long trip, that’s now what you want to hear.  (But as Ann kept saying throughout the weekend “flexibility!”)  After about 15 minutes of talking with the front desk, we were able to at least get a room through Sunday morning.  Which meant we’d have to drive to another hotel after camp ended on Sunday.  But at the time I was too excited for the next day to care… Day 1 of camp! 


*The release form we signed said we wouldn’t share the videos on youtube and other forums.  (I can’t remember exactly where they said not to share videos)  So, out of respect for the coach and others involved, I won’t be posting any videos from camp or thorough details of the drills we ran.*

CAMP!! –

I never thought so much information could be packed into three days.  All of the 4 station coaches were brilliant!   There were threadles!  Threadles!  Threadles, everywhere!!!  And I loved it!  One skill I hadn’t counted on using so much?  Lap turns over jumps.  (I think is the technical way to say it)  And the little man was nailing them!  Crazy weave entries, hauling butt to push to the backside of far off jumps, navigating tight courses, and all sorts of crazy, fun, awesome skills were tested and worked on!  I had to learn to switch my thinking from “just run it clean” to “where can I shave off fractions of a second”.  It was exhilarating to implement a suggestion from a coach and feel Bilbo turn up the speed!


At one station, we had a speed challenge, and whom ever ran it the fastest in each group won a drink at the camp dinner.  I’ll be darned if my little hobbit didn’t whip through the course with a wicked fast time and win a rootbeer for me!  (It was delicious & he got extra sardines for that)  Another, unplanned, challenge was rain.  Bilbo DOES NOT like to be wet, despite that, he still put all his heart into our drills even as the drizzle turned into a full-on rain.  But, as I think back on the weekend, that really was the theme for my little hobbit… HEART.  Not once did he give up on me.  Not once did he hold a grudge for one of my mistakes.  He barked and yelled excitedly on every start-line and after every run, telling me he was ready to kick tail and how much fun he was having!  He was completely mentally present and was loving every minute we spent together.  Three days of running agility with my Bilbo… heaven on earth.


We took so much away from camp and have lots to work on at home.  But, I found myself not wanting to leave on the last day; it truly was a total blast.  It eases my nerves to no end to have met the coaches, which makes them immensely less scary!  They were kind and really worked with all the teams to bring out the best in all of us.  I gained such a confidence and trust in my amazing lil guy, and I can’t wait to give it all we’ve got in December!



*Think of the happiest things.  It’s the same as having wings!*

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