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Britney Collins-Imhof:


Britney Imhof is a WAO gold medalist and international agility competitor.  She has represented the United States at the 2016 WAO in England, 2017 & 2018 European Open, 2018 Jutlandia Cup, & at the 2017 FCI Agility World Championship in the Czech.  Britney has experience working with many different breeds and handlers of all levels.  As an instructor, she presents different techniques and options based on individual needs because there is no one-size-fits-all.  She believes in every dog and handler she works with, and loves seeing their bond and connection strengthen.

Accomplishments thus far:

2015 AKC nationals challenger round finalist

USDAA Mid-atlantic regional (2015) – 2nd Place Biathlon

US Open 2015 – Biathlon Champion

US Open 2015 – Games Finalist

USDAA Top 10 Dog (2015)

Bad Dog Agility Power 60 (2015) – 7th in entire AKC 12″ Dogs

Bad Dog Agility Power 10 (2016) – #1 12″ Papillon

2016 International Team Tryouts – 3rd place

2016 Member of the World Agility Open team

2016 Member of the European Open Team

2016 WAO Gold medalist!

2017 & 2018 Member of European Open Team

2017 NC Regional- Biathlon champion, 2nd in GP, & 3rd in Steeplechase

2017 AKC World Team Member

2018 Jutlandia Cup Finals 2nd Place

Much more to come!


My Dogs-



Quack is the newest addition to the Happy Thoughts Crew!  She is a wonderful little girl and I can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll have together in the future!


EOTT (49)
Bilbo is my world team papillon and a total beast!  He is a border collie in a little body & I wouldn’t have him any other way!  Bilbo eats, drinks, and sleeps agility along with me.  He is my balls to the wall hobbit that makes an impression on all that see him.  He & I dream big and we love showing the world what we’ve got!


My 8 year old brittany spaniel that started it all.  He is my first agility dog and had to put up with all my rookie mistakes as I learned.   He was on the TODAY show and won America’s Best Trained Pet.  Pan has taught me so much, not just about agility but about life as well.  He is my rock, my steady, my heart-dog, & my panda bear.