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Journey across the USA

We made it to Reno, the biggest little city in the world.  The trip was an adventure in itself.


We bid farewell to our Ohio family and set off to explore the rest of the country.   Indiana and Illinois were very flat.  That’s about as much as I remember about them.  I was in a bit of a dramamine coma while traversing them, so my brain only clung to a few details.  What struck me through most of the midwest was how much farm land there is.  A lot.  Luckily we were able to break up the drive with some dinner and family in Des Moines.  It was a lovely time as we all caught up over some pizza.  Delicious!!

The remaining three hours to Lincoln went by fast and we were relieved to get to our hotel.  We were greeted by a wonderfully sweet receptionist as she tried to find our elusive reservation.  As she was helping us, a man and woman brusquely came through the doors, up to the counter.  The man cut into our conversation and demanded to see a room immediately.  He told the woman to give the receptionist her ID and said they’d only be about 30 minutes.  (We think it was a guy with a prostitute)  The receptionist very politely told the man that she was currently helping us and would help him as soon as we were done.  To which he replied, “Yea, whatever N-word” (except he actually said it!)  I froze.  My gut twisting at the hate that this man just spewed at this wonderfully nice woman.  The receptionist promptly asked the man to leave, which was met with more N-words and cackling.  I guess he thought he was hilarious.  David and I bristled.  Who does this?  It was ridiculous, hateful, and just horrible.  David told the guy that he was behaving completely inappropriately.  I was scared the guy was going to turn physical and now target david.  The woman with him just stood there with her eyes down cast. Once the receptionist got the police on the phone, the guy decided it was time to leave.  He departed still chanting the N-word, mixed with laughter, and the middle finger waving in all our faces.  It was scary and awful.  I wish so much that there wasn’t so much hate in this world.  We turned to the receptionist, not sure what to say.  She smiled at us and said, “There’s also so much good and happiness in the world.  I don’t even give his hate a second thought.”  I stood there and marveled at this amazing woman, that was just harassed for nothing more than the color of her skin.  She was able to then see how distressed David and I were at what just happened, two people of the same color as that horrible man, and share a message of love with us.  I almost started crying right there at the reception desk.  So please, readers, spread love, acceptance, and happiness.

The next day we meandered through Nebraska.  Not a fan.  The waitress at Cracker Barrel wouldn’t make eye contact with me, for reasons I can guess at and if you stay tuned to the blog you’ll see soon.  I’m actually quite excited about   😉   And I heard murmurs of “hippie” and “weirdo”.  The most exciting part of the whole state was I got to see a tumbleweed!  I was legitimately so super stoked!  I jumped up in my seat in the car and squealed!  Surprising david as I excitedly pointed at the ball of twigs roll across the road.  So cool.  We then broke out in whistle…

Wyoming and Utah were beautiful.  The people I encountered in Salt Lake City were nice and actually complimented my new visible form of individuality.  Who knew SLT was so stinkin big?  The Salt Flats were amazing.  HUGE!  They went on for hours surrounded by stunning mountains.  Pictures will probably do better in expressing the beauty of these places:



Photo03251020      Photo03251025Photo03251019               Photo03251136


Photo03251602       Photo03251601


Nevada was also a lovely surprise.  I expected desert, and was met with equally amazing scenery.  The final day of our drive was definitely my favorite.  We could see for miles and miles of wilderness.  No human influence to be seen.  It was so cool.  We arrived into wonderful Reno, NV yesterday greeted by casinos and heat.  We walked into our hotel room and the heat was actually on!  I was sweatin like a Coke bottle at an August barbecue. I realized I made an awful packing mistake and we promptly went to good ol Walmart to get some more shorts.  We had a fabulous dinner at Red Robin and passed out as soon as we got home.  Now, for the good stuff….


1. My armband #s are:  Pan – 200675  &  Bilbo – 120311

2. You can follow ringside results, running orders, and course maps at http://www.akcagilityresults.com/default.aspx?aid=1

3. VIDEO will be streaming at https://www.youtube.com/user/4LeggedFlix

Our projected running times are:

*Friday: Bilbo ISC class – Running between 1:30-2:00ish pm pacific time (4:30-5ish Eastern Time)

*Saturday: Bilbo JWW (Ring 2, 12″)- between 8:45-9:15 am PT (11:45-12:15 ET)

Pan JWW (Ring 4, 20″) – between 11:45-12:15 PT (2:45-3:15ET)

Bilbo STD (Ring 3, 12″) – between 2-2:30pm PT (5-5:30ET)

Pan STD (Ring 1, 20″) – between 6:30-7pm PT (9:30-10ET)

*Sunday: Bilbo Hybrid (Ring 1, 12″) between 10-10:30am PT (1-1:30pm ET)

Pan Hybrid (Ring 3, 20″) between 9-9:30am PT (12- 12:30ET)

If we make challengers or finals, I’ll let you know!

We hope you can watch and cheer us on!

Think of the happiest things.  It’s the same as having wings!

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  1. Robbie Sprn says:

    Hope I can watch… live… if not you will have the runs posted I assume!!! What is ISC class?? And hybrid??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck! Have a magnificent time!

  3. Marci Pilling says:

    My husband Gary and grandson Drew both watched we me today. It is so amazing and fun to watch. Drew really liked the picture Sue sent me of the blue hair that matched the shoes. He thought it was too cool!!! So glad I now have the webpage to follow yall. Enjoying yall from Alabama!!! Good Luck!!!

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