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As most of you know by now, we have a beautiful new fur baby named Foxxy.  We had been planning on getting our next dog, a duck toller, from a breeder.  One thing led to another and we decided to check out some rescue dogs first.  Initially I’d skipped right over “Penni’s” profile which had her listed as a collie.  Collie?  Definitely not.  Way too big.  We wanted a dog a size in between our current pups.

On one of my many (& I mean MANY) times scrolling through petfinder I decided to click on her to see how big this collie was. And up pops this adorable face:


Her profile (& adorableness) made me think she might be the right one for us.  A 30lbs and a fuzzy ball of energy!  Thus started a journey to NYC to meet this foxy lady.  Early morning, packed car… we must be going to agility. Sorry, pups, not today!

Her background?  She was dumped at a high kill shelter in Ohio.  Louie’s legacy rescue was her lifeboat.  They saved her from an almost certain death.  She was then moved to a foster in the Big Apple!

Upon arrival, she and Pan were fast friends.  Bilbo?  Not so much.  She’s still a bit too much puppy for the grumpy, big eared one.  She has ZERO aggression in her, which is what we wanted.  She’s sweet as can be, so… we made the monumental decision to add her into the Collins-Imhof family!


Why the name Foxxy?  Well the obvious answer is she looks very much like a fox.  But, we also named her after Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Power’s Goldmember.  She’s definitely got the sass to go with the name!

She is basically like getting a large puppy.  We have many, many things to work on.  So, I plan on posting her journey on here along with our other dog adventures.


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  1. Robbie Sprn says:

    awesome.. she does look like a fox…. hoping she doesn’t continue to grow which would shoot the plans of an in-between dog… hehehe. I wish you all well…. and many blessings….. and I am sure little Hobbit will take a bit longer but that he will come around and except Foxxy into the family… congrats once again..

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