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Baby vs Dogs

“Once you have a baby, your dogs will just be… so much less important.”


     Ever since David and I got married I’ve been told this over and over in one form or another.  People said it with such conviction.  Such self assuredness.  In such a way that there was no way that it wouldn’t come to pass.  These people seemed to double once I got pregnant, and were always enthusiastic to pass on their unsolicited insights.


When you hear something over and over that people pass off as fact, you begin to wonder if they’re right.  I would always assure them that my dogs would never be replaced in my heart or take a fall from my graces.  I secretly worried that I really would change.  Would having a baby be like taking a magic pill that changes everything about myself?  Would my fur kids that I loved so much some how seem less?  Become “Just dogs”?


Well, Esme’s birth came and went… and guess what?  I love my fur kids as much as I ever have.  Probably even more as they’ve shown so much love and given tons of kisses to the new member of our family.  I think it’s different for everyone, but we’ve always considered our dogs as family.  No one ever says, “Once you have your baby, you’ll love your mom and dad less”.  And that’s about what their statements equated to for us.


I love all my kids.  Fur or not.  They all bring love and amazingness to my life and I couldn’t image my world without any of them.  That will never change.


Think of the happiest things.  It’s the same as having wings!IMG_2383

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