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USDAA Mid-atlantic Regionals 2015


The pups and I were SMOKIN at regionals (both metaphorically & literally).  It was hot no matter what way you looked at it, and the buildings didn’t have AC; the doors were opened.  So, knowing my dogs’ aversion to heat, we crated out of my air conditioned car.  It worked out wonderfully!  Both dogs had tons of gust-o and speed, & I loved it!

I went into regionals feeling like I had something to prove.  After my nerves had gotten to me at ITT, I wanted to go out and show the kind of handler I am.  We only entered Biathlon, because it’s the most difficult class and knew the weather would be hot.  So, here’s how it went:

Bilbo got 2nd and Pan was 4th!  Not too shabby!

Analysis of runs:

Bilbo’s jumpers – I needed a slightly longer lead out, so my blind wouldn’t be so cramped.  I pushed him a bit too far in our path around the dummy jump.  If we’d made that tighter, we would’ve gotten 1st.  The wrap on the jump after the tunnel was beautiful.  Tight and efficient are going to help us against the fast shelties.  Weaves were gorgeous.  Wrap after weaves needed to be tighter.  So I should’ve given him more indication sooner that we were wrapping.  Wrap before the final tunnel was wonderfully tight.  AMAZING RUN!

Pan’s Jumpers – Need to work a bit on his start-line stay.  Blind was better timed in this run.  Shallow revers spin worked WONDERS!  So many dogs took that off course jump.  Should’ve prepared him better for the huge broad jump in usdaa.  Nice wrap after tunnel; could’ve been a bit more tight.  I need to get more in his face to decelerate.  I was sloppy on the wrap right before the tunnel.  I just assumed he’d take it the wrong way, and lo and behold he did.  Still very happy with this run.

Bilbo’s Standard – Camera person missed our run.  I was so sad; it was a great run.  Since I don’t have the video, I’m unable to know what I did right or wrong and how to improve.

Pan’s Standard – I needed to indicate the wrap in front of the tunnel earlier.  The area around the tunnel had poor lighting and they used dark tunnel bags on the end.  This confused MANY dogs.  Pan wasn’t sure where the opening was and bonked his head on the edge.  I hesitated to make sure he got it.  Needed earlier indication of turn for the jump after the tunnel.  Beautiful teeter to weaves performance.  That off course tunnel got a lot of dogs!  Reverse spin to dogwalk worked out nicely as did the blind on the flat.  Really fun run!

Remember to –  Think of the happiest things.  It’s the same as having wings!

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