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Foxxy tricks

Little miss Foxxy has been hard at work learning manners, tricks, and agility.  She is highly stimulated by food, so it can be difficult to train her with treats close by.  She usually ends up all over the place trying to figure out what I want.  Silly girl!  She has responded well with clicker training and is completely house broken!  (Despite what her info page said… she was definitely not when we adopted her)  Foxxy has started her agility training and has gotten measured a few times.  She’ll most likely measure into the 16″ (AKC & UKI) and 18″ (USDAA) which is wonderful!  She’s far too small to jump higher than that!  Although, now we’ll have a dog in 12″, 16″ and 20″.  That’ll make for long days!  haha!  David will be her handler and she is a little speed rocket!  It’ll be really amazing to watch them grow as a team! She has become a true member of our family & we love her SO much!  Stay tuned to happythoughtsagility.com to keep up with this sassy lady !

*Think of the happiest things.  It’s the same as having wings!*

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